Master Bedroom Renovation In Woodroffe

Guest Bedroom Renovation

Date: July 2019
Location: Woodroffe
Category: Residential

This room was very dated and had extensive damage. The walls were all run down and filled with holes. But, such a great space to work with!

Our Solutions

With some very low cost solutions. We removed the poorly designed and maintained built-in wardrobe and installed a new one in a separate area. Cutaway several of the sections of gyprock that were too damaged to work with and replaced with new sheets. Removed the dated wall lights that did not give off much light, creating shadows and a dimly lit room. Installed downlights, flushed the new walls and repaired sections that were still salvageable to keep costs down for our client. And finally, a fresh coat of paint to transform this clients dream into a reality and all at a low cost.