15 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Increase Home Value

Did you know that 37% of Australian homeowners planned on doing a home renovation in the next year? After the global pandemic, many people decided to spend time and money on the home. But if you are trying to sell, do you know the best ones to make?

There are many, some which increase value and some that will simply make your property more likely to sell. Read on as we give fifteen tips to increase home value. 

1. Create Outdoor Living

After the pandemic, people are spending more time at home. Therefore, maximizing available space is key and one way to do that is by using your yard and garden space for outdoor living.  Create decking areas or seating under pergolas, letting the living room come outdoor. 

2. Get Energy Efficient

Adding energy-efficient features is not just a way of increasing home value. It also brings down utility bills and helps the environment. Who would not be willing to pay more for a property like this?

From big projects like solar panel installation to smaller ones like attic insulation, there are numerous ways to make the home more energy-efficient. Set a budget and see what will bring the greatest return on investment. In some instances, you may even be able to get tax rebates and incentives to get the work done. 

3. Go Open Plan

When done carefully, taking down a wall can be one of the best home renovations. People are more attracted to open plan living these days, instead of having smaller, cramped rooms. Consult a builder or architect, as they may have suggestions to remove walls and see the whole home open up. 

4. Landscape the Yard

Imagine you turned up to view a property with an overgrown, messy yard and garden. Your impression would be that the whole property has not been cared for. Remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Curb appeal is the term real estate agents use to describe the appeal of your home from first glance, often from the street. Landscaping your front yard may not add huge amounts of value, but it is one of the best home upgrades to help sell your property. 

5. Spend on the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the areas that tend to make the biggest impression on potential buyers. Other rooms can be changed with very little expense. However, these two rooms require some work so it is important for people to find ones they like. 

These rooms also fall out of fashion quickly. Therefore, updating here is a great way to invest your budget. Speak with your real estate agent and discuss styles and finishes that are on trend in the local area. 

6. Paint

Nothing makes a home look cleaner than a fresh coat of paint. The plus points are that it is also relatively inexpensive and does not take much time or money in labour. It will not increase the value of your home drastically, but it may help it sell which can push the value up if you are in the right market. 

7. Extend

If you have a lot of land, you may consider extending the house even further. Conservatories and extensions are a great way to do this. They also increase the amount of glass in your home, bringing in much valued natural light.

8. Make More Bedrooms

Potential buyers don’t always have the foresight to see what a property could become, compared to what it currently is. Therefore, if you have extra rooms in your house you need to show their potential. Clear out any spare rooms and smaller rooms, and transform them into fully functional bed spaces. 

9. Create a Home Office

The home office was formerly the domain of those who did not know what to do with a spare room. However, the switch to remote working has meant a clean, attractive office space is now an attractive purchase for many potential buyers. 

10. Replace the Front Door

The front door counts towards your curb appeal, as previously discussed. A heavy, steel security door adds a layer of protection to the home while making it look good. It will also add to the value. 

If you cant replace the door fully, then refurbish it. Paint it, add a new handle and numbers, then a beautiful door knocker. 

11. Let in More Light

Natural light shows off the home at its best. No one wants to buy a space that looks dark and cramped. If you do not have the budget to add windows and skylights, then consider adding mirrors to reflect the natural light into the dark corners and rooms. 

12. Repair the Roof

A roof will require both internal and external repairs. A dilapidated roof will also negatively impact the curb appeal of the home. As this can be a dangerous job, it pays to hire professionals to look over the roof and do the job for you. 

13. Don’t Forget the Floor

When people ask how to increase their home value, floors are often forgotten. Yet they are just as important as the rest of a room. In addition, they take much more punishment and suffer more wear and tear. 

Consider replacing your carpet or wood flooring. If it is not an option, then try to refinish the flooring and give it sand and buff. 

14. Fix Minor Problems

Some of the best home renovations are the smallest. Fix every leak, and sort every creak. If not, you can guarantee it will come back to haunt you when potential buyers are in the home. 

15. Get Planning Permission

If you don’t want to extend the home, it does not mean the next owners won’t. By getting planning permission in advance, you can show them the potential for the property, increasing its value. 

Increase Home Value Quickly

With the property market as buoyant as it is, you need to increase home value quickly. Check which of these will have the most impact and return on investment.

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