We saw a lack in the service provided by ALL tradespeople

Florance Property Solutions, a part of the Florance brand, saw a lack in the service provided by ALL tradespeople. Not wanting exceptional service to be limited to the Electrical industry, we set out to up the ante, yet again, only this time with the property maintenance industry!

Servicing Darwin and Greater Region we can cater for ALL your property maintenance needs, adding additional services, qualifications and talents to our A-Team, we have little to no need for sub-contractors, meaning the same amazing quality, and “second to none” service that you’re used to from your team at Florance Electrical.
What are you waiting for Darwin? Are you ready to really see the definition of service satisfaction?
Our property services team are highly skilled handymen who we have selected for their attitude, skills and values. We promise that you will be nothing short of amazed by our service which is above and beyond anything you have received before calling Florance Property Solutions.
Our team offer solutions for all domestic, commercial and industrial property and have the skills required to service: All types of flooring, cabinetry, electrical, air conditioning, painting, locksmithing, fencing, tiling, shade cloths, fire safety and compliance, and so much more! Contact us today and let us show you amazing service and quality workmanship!



Alex is ridiculously driven and hard working. The passion and dedication he has for the company, our team and our clients is like nothing else: he is an absolute inspiration to all. Alex always leads by example and coming up with the best concepts and solutions is his game.


Creative Director

With a welcoming, warm personality, a positive attitude and a desire to succeed, Courtney is positioned alongside the best when it comes to office and business management. Like Alex, Courtney shows incredible passion and dedication to every aspect of her personal and professional life. Whether that be, learning and improving her own skills, teaching those around her or implementing new policies and procedures into the Florance Property Solutions brand or marketing, you can always count on her to be positive and upbeat. Outside of work, you can often find Courtney at home with “the babes” (Felix, Bella, Boston and Alex), probably pottering about cleaning something, washing something, wiping something, feeding Alex, or at the gym. Among her many skills Courtney is also a qualified Graphic designer, Courtney loves to help her friends and local charities with any of their needs in this area. Adding to this she has a background in Real Estate. It’s easy to understand how she has become so organised and efficient in the day to day running of a small business while maintaining a positive work atmosphere and a loving, loyal group of friends.



We have never seen a Receptionist as good as Sandra Raaber.  It’s no secret that Florance Electrical has higher than usual expectations from all of our team and being a Receptionist at our company means being an absolute superwoman. With many things to juggle, our Sandra is the base of our company. Sandra is relied on to ensure everything she does is 100% correct with no room for mistakes, ensuring the rest of the team is a smooth sailing ship. Sandra crushes it every time with a challenge accepted attitude. The genuine care and dedication Sandra has for our clients is second to none, going above and beyond every time to build raving fans and long term relationships. Sandra is innovative and always coming up with ideas on how to improve a process, gain new clients and cut waste, all things well outside of her scope of work but just happy to do so because she enjoys working toward and achieving company goals. She chases the challenge, she’s an absolute gem, She’s hands down the best Receptionist in the Top End, She’s our Sandra Raaber!

Andrew Haverhoek Profile


Handy Man

Meet Andrew, one of our highly skilled team! Andrew moved from Perth to join our team and has since been a very invested and valuable asset. With his father previously owning a company and Andrew having run a sole trading business, Andrew really appreciates what makes a business tick and the effort it takes to run a smooth sailing ship. Andrew is extremely hard working and is keen to impress. His caring and friendly nature always shows. In Andrew’s spare time he enjoys learning and upskilling or spending time with his friends and family. We’re so proud to have such a skilled and caring person on board.


Handy Man

Meet Andrew, our food loving, hard working kiwi. Andrew is one of our refrigeration mechanics as well as a handyman.

Andrew has been with the company for years now on and off and boy we are lucky to have him. He always executes Courtney’s challenging projects with perfection.

Hard working, dedicated, kind and helpful are just a few of the words that describe Andrew.

Oh and did we mention strong?

When Andrew isn’t at work you will find him either at the gym, with his son and partner, or in the kitchen heating up food muttering “got to each the lun-CH” He’s Kiwi, he’s a gym junkie, and he never stops working, he is our Andrew.

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