Home Security

Crime in Darwin is at an all-time high, protecting yourself, your home and family is a must. Creating a complete home security system for modern families is easy with Florance Property Solution’s in house team of qualified Electricians and Open Cablers (with endorsements).

Security lighting can be a great deterrent for unwanted visitors, we design and install lighting catered especially to the location and needs of your home to ensure that potential opportunists are deterred effectively.
CCTV is a smart, cost-effective way to add security to your premises, with remote management at your fingertips, our systems are reliable and convenient. Incredible technology means an abundance of options and settings, ensuring you receive exactly what you require from your camera system.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to hear a dog bark and simply unlock your smartphone to view HD cameras and ensure there are no visitors rather than getting out of bed each time?

Want to speak to a qualified open cabler or electrician to discuss your CCTV requirements? At Florance Property Solutions you can as we do it all in-house! We provide for all types of camera systems ranging from Matrix systems, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, remote access, sound recording, colour systems, day/night camera, just to name a few! Look no further than FPS’s Darwin cablers.
Another fantastic option to add a further level of security is a home security alarm system. The options are endless with the technology available today and can suit any budget. Have a holiday or sleep soundly knowing that your Darwin business or home is protected and secure.

Darwin Home IP HD Camera System