How To Prime & Paint A Door

Handy Tip When Painting On Laminate

We find doors that have been painted well but never primed before painting often. We wanted to help show the reasons why priming is important and how to prime correctly, prior to painting.

Today we are watching Andrew from Florance Property Solutions as he talks about how to prime and paint a door, whether it is an interior or an exterior door the process is the same.

The doors in this handy tip video are cupboard doors that are covered in laminate. It is important to know and understand the product that you are wanting to prime and paint as this will change the paint that you would use. If you use the incorrect type of paint it may lead to all sorts of problems down the track and the finish may not be what you are expecting after all of your hard work is done!

It is also important to select a paint that is suitable for the conditions. As these hallway cupboard doors are going to be accessible, used frequently and possibly touched by dirty or grimy hands we have selected a high wear endure type paint that is easy to clean and also difficult to damage or mark.

1. The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface to be painted with a product such as sugar soap.

2. Make sure that all of the product used for cleaning is off of the surface and that the surface is dry and clean.

3. Prime or undercoat the product with a paint that seals against moisture. Make sure to include all faces of the product including underneath and the sides. This is very important as if moisture is able to penetrate the product, the product will swell and you will be replacing your doors in no time, wasting all of your hard efforts.

4. Once the primer/undercoat is dry start painting with your selected colour paint that is suitable for the surface you are adhering it to. Ideally, a high wear, endure type paint.

5. Sit back and enjoy your efforts.