3 personalised dog items you can’t miss out on this Christmas

We Australians love our pets, especially our dogs, and we have a good reason too. Dogs have been proven to make us happier and healthier. Just the thought of them can make us smile and laugh. With each having their own characteristics and funny personalities, how can we not fall in love with them. 

We all know someone who gets a little carried away when it comes to our loveable pooches and there are different levels of fur-parents. Whether it’s the kind that takes their fur-child to doggy day care, and holds doggy birthday parties, or the kind that kicks their partners out of bed so they can snuggle up to their favourite fur-child. If you’re anything like me, then you can not get enough of your fur-babes. They are the greatest little creatures on all of the planet. Sure they might knock you down with excitement while you’re carrying the shopping in, or have tails harsher than whips and yep they have also been known to leave you breathless from smells they didn’t even know they could produce, looking around all confused and offended like “surely that wasn’t me”, but all in all you absolutely live for the moment you get home to see their dorky, smiling faces and waggy tails, ready to greet you after a long day at work. I am most definitely proven guilty when it comes to over spoiling. While I don’t let our babes sleep in our bed I may or may not dress them up in matching Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve and wake them up early to see if they have been good enough throughout the year for the man in red to have paid them a visit.  Which brings me to my next subject, personalised dog merch. Some may say it’s going reeeeeally overboard, but i like to call it pur-fection and if you’re reading this, i think you might just love it as well. I’m sharing with you my top three personalised dog items leading into Christmas this year. 

Personalised dog book
With a range of storylines to choose from, your pooch can star in it’s very own book. You can customize the dogs name, owner name and create a cartoon character that looks just like your dog. Absolutely perfect for a child who loves their dog, and let’s be honest, probably a lot of adults as well. 


Personalised dog socks
Yep that’s right you can gift your loved one the honor of strolling around with their dogs face on their socks! Last Christmas I gave these to my brother and sister in law who are grade A fur parents. It was such a laugh and they absolutely loved them! Shipping from the website was fast and being online you always worry a little about the quality but it was great.


Personalised dog wrapping paper
What a cool idea! While I have never purchased this glorious item myself, it is certainly at the top of my list this year. Imagine receiving a gift that has your pets face on it! It’s a gift in itself. Let’s be honest I would be ecstatic with the roll of wrapping paper on its own. You, 100%, can not go wrong with your pets face on wrapping paper.

So there you have it, my top three personalised dog items for Christmas revealed. Beware, some of the items have a 2-3 week lead time. With only eight weeks till Christmas, you will probably be disappointed if you miss out, so place an order ASAP.