7 Home Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Living Space

If there’s anything that adds value to a home, it’s space. In fact, a lack of space is a major deterrent to all potential homebuyers. And whether you plan to sell your home down the line or not, having extra space is always handy. 

One of the best ways to expand your square footage is with a home extension. Now, we understand this can be a pricey undertaking, but you don’t have to completely break the bank in order to create useful additional space in your home. 

Looking for realistic home extension ideas? The rest of this blog says it all. 

1. Add a Kitchen Nook/Dining Area 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. If you want to add great value to your property, then a kitchen extension is one of the best things you can invest in when it comes to home remodelling. 

You might want to start small if you don’t have a massive budget — and the perfect idea for this type of extension is a kitchen dining area or nook. It will cost a fine penny to expand the actual walls of your kitchen. So, instead of this, you want to opt for a side return extension. 

This entails expanding your kitchen into the small, narrow strip of land that usually runs alongside your home, the place where you store your bins, gardening equipment, etc. This is a great way to add a couple of extra metres to your kitchen and is the perfect space for a small dining area or bench nook area to enjoy your meals. 

2. Consider the Addition of an Outdoor Patio

If your home does not have an outdoor entertainment or relaxation space, a patio extension is yet another incredible way to add value to your home. A patio extension is also relatively simple and could include building a deck that connects to your living room or simply laying a concrete slab. 

It’s up to you how simple or detailed you want your patio to be. But you could also add an attached or free-standing awning for shade and a bit of cover from the elements, as well railings around the edge if you have pets or small children. 

3. Convert Your Garage into a Useable Space

Let’s be honest — the garage tends to turn into somewhat of a dumping ground, especially if you don’t park your car inside it. In this case, your garage is the perfect space to convert into an extension that can add serious value to your home too. 

If you’re happy to park your car in your driveway or on the road, you could convert your garage into a fully usable space. There are so many options, but you could transform it into a workshop, a man cave, or a guest bedroom, for example. 

In essence, you could add a whole new room to your property with this type of conversion/extension. 

4. Opt for an Additional Bedroom Extension 

Following on from your garage transformation, you could also opt for a second-storey extension that sits on top of your garage. That’s if the foundation and garage itself can handle it, of course.

Now, this would cost a little more, but could essentially add an entire two-storey extension to your home if you choose to convert your garage, too. You could use this space as guest quarters, or you could rent it out to tenants or as an Airbnb to recoup your costs of the extension! 

5. Add a Sunroom To Your Home 

This is one of the most simple and affordable extensions you can make to your home. First of all, it does not require much brickwork or wood work because of the windows lining the walls. To add to this, you won’t need to worry too much about electrical work due to the room being flooded with natural light. 

A sunroom is also a lovely way to bring warmth to your home and create a personalized relaxation space. You can also use it as an indoor entertainment area/ dining room when hosting guests. 

6. Build A Backyard Studio/Workshop 

So, if you prefer to park your car in your garage but still need some additional space to store your tools, garden equipment, and sports gear, then a backyard workshop could be just the extension you need. 

What’s more, you could include a workbench and some storage shelves and create a usable space for your own home renovation projects or crafty hobbies. This is also a great way to keep DIY ”mess” out of your home! 

7. Add a Utility Room To Your Home 

If your home lacks storage for things like your gardening equipment, sports gear, pet food, and other paraphernalia, or even your washing machine and dryer, a utility room could come in very handy. 

What’s more, the addition of this type of space could bump up the value of your home as potential home buyers would see the practical value in it. If you have a couple of metres to spare off your kitchen area, or even your living room, you could fit in a small extension such as this. 

You could even use this space as a walk-in pantry that extends off your kitchen. For this project, you’d also want to add a side return extension. 

Looking for Professional Home Extension Services?

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