The Different Types of Sheds for Your Backyard, Explained

Did you know, if you took all the sheds in the world and placed them end to end, they would wrap the world over six times? That’s a large number of people reaping the benefits of a backyard shed.

When it comes to sheds, you can make them as personal as you like. Just because you have the same sized backyard as your neighbour doesn’t mean you need the same shed.

There is a wide range of different types of sheds on the market. How are we supposed to choose which one is right for us? Keep reading to find out a bit more information on the variety of sheds.

Different Types of Sheds

If you choose a prebuilt shed, they will tend to come in 4 main variations. Gambrel, Gable, Saltbox and Lean-to.


A Gambrel-style shed is a reasonably popular style of shed. With its barn-style design, a Gambrel has a high roof in the centre that curves down towards the sides.

This style can open up your options for storage. Say you were to go for an extra-large gambrel shed, you could add an extra level of storage within the roof.


A Gable shed has a very similar design to a standard house. They have two panels for a roof which peak together in the centre.

Similar to the Gambrel, you will have the option of storage within its roof. You may not be able to fit a whole floor in, but you can gain some extra space from the design.


A Lean-to is possibly the easiest to build out of all the types of sheds. It only has one panel for the roof.

This design is unique due to one of its walls being shorter than the rest. The shorter wall allows the roof to slant off to the back to reduce the risk of water damage.

Different Uses for Sheds

The style of your shed can depend on what use you aim to have. The possibilities are endless.


The vast majority of backyard sheds will be built for storage. If this is why you are looking for a shed, then you will want a windowless type of shed.

By going for a windowless type, you can help raise the security of your stored belongings. You will also want a larger sized type to allow you enough space for storage.

Garden Office

If your shed is for your garden office, you will want a windowed type of shed. Windows will allow natural light to come in whilst you are working. Also, look into if the windows can open for those sunny days.

You will also want your type of shed to have plug sockets. Your office will need power to save your running back and forth from the house to charge your laptop.

Activity Room

Are you installing a shed for an activities room? You may wish to invest in a more significant sized type to allow enough space if you have visitors. You would want space if you chose to implement a pool table.

Different Materials for Sheds

Another aspect of making your type of shed different to your neighbours is the material you use. Let’s look at how to choose a shed material.


A vinyl type shed may be the cheapest option for your shed. You may find it cheaper to buy and also it will come with a low upkeep cost.

This type of shed is perfect for storage. It is an excellent material for keeping humidity to a low.


Your wooden type sheds are probably the most popular. This material would be ideal for your home office or a summer house.

Not only is it appealing to look at, but you also have options of amending it at a later date. If you wish to add an extension to your shed at some point, it will be a simple task to do.


Having a metal type shed is perfect for durability. This type is not only fireproof, but it can withstand frequent weather changes.

But, metal can grow quite hot in sunny weather. I would not recommend using this type for your garden office.

Different Materials for Flooring

Your type of shed can also depend on the flooring used. The best sheds will have the best flooring for their use.


Wooden floor type sheds will be perfect for storage. Wood is a sturdy material and can hold a variety of different weights if appropriately implemented.


If you are using your shed as an office, you will want an insulated type shed. The cold weather can cause the temperature within the shed to drop as well.

If you are in your office working, you won’t want to be walking across a cold floor. Adding insulation will keep your feet and body warm in those winter months.


The type of shed with laminate flooring has the upside of being easily painted should the need arise. You won’t need to rip out the entire flooring if you wish for a change.

However, it has low moisture resistance. This fact means you will need an underlayer to protect it from damp.

Have Your Shed Your Way

Now you know more about different types of sheds. Which one will you go for?

Will you choose the Gambrel, Gable, Saltbox, or Lean-to? Are you using your shed for storage or as an activity room? What materials will you use for the walls and the floor?

Go ahead and contact us to enquire about our services. Also, check out our other blogs on other exciting topics.