Property for Sale? Here Are 8 Reasons to Hire a Handyman

Are you thinking about selling your home or an investment property? Most buyers want updated homes that look new, even if they’re looking at older homes. What can you do to make your home presentable?

Hire a handyman!

A handyman can put your home in great working order while making it look up to date. Why hire a handyman? Here are eight reasons to consider hiring a handyman when you’ve got a property for sale. 

1. The Expertise of a Handyman

When was the last time you did a plumbing job or carpentry work on your own home? Most jobs around the house need a little experience or expertise to get them right. A handyman has the skills to get the job done quickly while also doing it safely. 

There are lots of unforeseen issues when working on your home. Do you want to install a new, updated light before you put your house on the market? It might take you the better part of a weekend to do it right. 

You also might shock yourself or cut the wrong wire. There’s nothing like experience to make a job go fast, saving you time as well as a headache. 

2. Wide-Ranging Experience

A painter paints, an electrician works on the electricity, but a handyman has a wide range of experience. A handyman can knock out a big list of home maintenance and repair projects. This saves you from having to hire a contractor or a bunch of different single-issue experts. 

As you’re looking at your home with a seller’s eyes, you’ll see many different areas that need your attention. Your real estate agent also sees things that need work. Make a list of all the small things that need fixing as you declutter and clean the house in preparation for selling. 

From torn weather stripping around a door to painting a room or fixing scuff marks, a handyman does it all. 

3. A Handyman Saves You Money

How much does it cost to hire a handyman? Rates vary but most handymen charge less than a contractor. 

When you hire a contractor, he hires individuals to do each job. He adds in his own fee for supervising all the individual workmen. Some contractors won’t even take small jobs because it’s not worth their time. 

The handyman doesn’t have the overhead of a contractor, so his rates are lower. Most handymen charge by the hour. 

4. A Handyman Increases Your Home’s Ability to Sell Fast

Your buyer pool is bigger when your house is in good shape. Depending on where you get your loan, there may be conditions. Appraisers may note if a home has any issues that make it unsafe or unhealthy. 

You’ll have to fix a loose stairwell railing or peeling paint before some lenders approve a loan. Take care of these issues ahead of time for a faster sale. 

Not only can issues like peeling paint affect health, but they also look bad. A handyman can patch walls and ceilings, fix paint, deal with flooring, or hang a door. Anything that makes your home look new or updated makes it easier to sell. 

5. Discover Missed Issues

While a handyman is working one job, he sometimes discovers issues that you missed. You don’t want to leave these until the appraisal or inspection part of the sale. 

Because a handyman can do so many types of jobs, he can fix the missed issues right away. You won’t have to wait while a contractor finds someone else to work on a specific job. 

6. Less Stress

Putting your property up for sale is stressful. If it’s your family home, you have a ton of cleaning, packing, and sorting to do. You also have a lot of paperwork. 

If you’re selling your family home and moving to a different area, it’s especially stressful. You’re looking for a new house or place to live. If you have kids, you’re looking for new schools or daycare situations. 

Doing all the maintenance and repair work around the house first is a huge stressor. It’s always time-consuming but if you make a mistake, it costs more time and money. 

7. A Handyman Has the Tools 

If you decide to go out it alone, you need the right tools. Doing a lot of maintenance and repair work around the house means investing in a lot of new tools. 

A handyman has all the right tools. If he doesn’t have a specialty tool he needs, he won’t mind buying it because he’ll use it for future jobs. If you have to buy a specialty tool, you may never use it again which is a waste of money. 

8. Quality Work

An experienced handyman does quality work the first time. If you do the repair jobs yourself, you may not like the results. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up needing to do the job more than once. 

That’s another cost and time factor you don’t need when you’re getting your home ready to sell. 

Hire a Handyman 

Hire a handyman to get all the neglected maintenance and repair jobs done before you put your property on the market. This saves time and money and also saves you from added stress at a difficult time. 

A handyman has expertise in a wide range of home maintenance and repair tasks. He’ll do a high-quality job in a short amount of time for less money than a general contractor. 

Do you have a property in need of some maintenance and repairs? Contact us today for a free on-site written estimate. At Florance Property Solutions, we’re licensed, insured, and have all necessary safety certifications.