Your Essential Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Don’t underestimate the importance of conducting seasonal maintenance on your home. What could cost you a few hundred dollars to maintain could potentially run you several thousand dollars to replace.

Taking the time to do maintenance during the different seasons throughout the year could help avoid a hefty bill. This is especially true if you need to replace something in your home or do more significant repairs. 

Home maintenance can be overwhelming, so we recommend breaking up the tasks you should do by each season. This guide will go over the schedule of tasks you should complete, preparing your home for the summer season. 

Keep our home maintenance checklist handy as you prepare yourself and your home for the sweltering summer months. Follow our six tips below to get your home and yard ready for the upcoming months. 

1. Clean Out Your Rain Gutters

Trees typically don’t drop leaves during the summer months, but the dry months are a great time to inspect them. When autumn and winter arrive and bring with them heavy downpours, clogged rain gutters and downspouts can result in the water overflowing. This can also cause the perimeter of your home to flood. 

Additionally, the water can creep into the eaves of your house and cause water damage. It’s easy to clear out the leaves in the gutters when they’re dry. It becomes more difficult as they get weighed down with water and other debris. 

As the leaves are cleared out, the gutters and downspouts can also be inspected for corrosion and cracks. However, not everyone has the tools to safely get on their roofs to inspect their gutters and clean them out. Working with a company that offers home maintenance services can ensure the job is done properly. 

2. Refinish Your Deck

The wood on your deck will deteriorate over time. You can check the finish and water resistance on your deck by dripping some water onto it. If the water absorbs into the wood, it’s time for a new coating of surface protectant. 

Summer is a great time to apply a new stain or protectant to your deck since the summer months are dry. You can get it prepared for the wet months ahead. You’ll enjoy the new look of your deck while feeling secure that it’s protected against rain. 

3. Check the Paint and Caulking on the Exterior of Your Home

To seal your home against water and other critters or insects from getting in, the gaps need to be sealed properly. A property maintenance company can evaluate the exterior of your home, sealing any gaps closed with caulking. 

While they look for gaps, they can also evaluate if your home has any damage to the roof or siding. Fixing those repairs during the summer ensures that your home is prepared for winter. 

The harsh months of winter can also increase signs of wear and tear on your home’s exterior paint. Summer is the perfect time of year to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint. A handyman can also replace weatherstripping around your windows and doors to help keep the humidity and heat out of your home. 

4. Protect Your Home Against Pests

It’s no mystery that there are plenty of insects and pests in Australia, with the continent being home to over 200,000 species of bugs. Your home needs to be protected against unwanted creatures from entering your home. 

Some common insects that can enter your home include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Mosquitos
  • Flies
  • Wasps

One way to deter creatures from entering your home is to clean out your cabinets. Vacuum up and remove any food particles and crumbs. Sweep up dead leaves from the outside of your home where rodents could be lurking. 

Additionally, this is where a property maintenance company can help. Like we discussed before, they can seal cracks and other means of entry into your home with caulking and weatherstripping. 

5. Maintain Your Yard and Garden

It’s vital to keep your garden watered during the summer months. The hot sun also reduces the number of nutrients in plants and soil. Your plants will start to become stressed as their food supply dwindles. 

Mulch your garden during the hot summer months to provide shade to your soil. It’ll also help it retain moisture better. As the mulch breaks down, the nutrients your plants need are released back into the soil, giving your plants food. 

You should also keep an eye on your lawn and yard furniture. Clean everything regularly. Keep your furniture in shaded areas to avoid discolouration and fading. 

Summer is also a great time to trim your shrubs and trees. You can get rid of dead plants to make room for new ones. 

As rainy months approach, you want to remove any potential hazards from your yard. Get rid of dead branches or ones that hang over areas of your home before rough weather conditions bring them crashing down. 

6. Wash the Exterior of Your Home

When the property maintenance company comes out to evaluate your home’s exterior, they can also wash it. This will remove any debris or dust that’s settled on the outside of your home. They’ll also be able to clearly see the condition of your house’s paint job and if it needs refreshing. 

In addition to power washing the walls of your home, a maintenance company can wash the windows as well. You’ll get to experience more natural light in your home with clean windows. 

Follow Our Home Maintenance Checklist

Get your home ready for the hot months of summer and prepare it for autumn and winter with our home maintenance checklist. 

Florance Property Solutions can help you with your house maintenance needs. Our team of professionals is experienced in a variety of areas. Contact us today to talk about your house’s summer needs.