A Homeowner’s Guide to the Key Advantages of Having a Backyard Studio

Are you considering adding a studio to your backyard?

In a world where remote working and home working has gained traction, usable space is at a premium in our homes. But when space is already tight, it’s not so easy to make that extra space you need.

That’s where a backyard studio comes in! Keep reading for our homeowner’s guide to the advantages of adding a backyard studio to your home.

It’s More Than a Pretty Looking Shed

When most people build a backyard studio shed, the construction is simple. It’s a traditional, prefabricated shed that they convert into the works of art you see in magazines. They add extra touches like:

  • electricity
  • insulation
  • furniture
  • home decor

The end result is a homey space that you could live in if you built it for that. But for most people, they’re looking for a quiet, cosy workspace away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

Because of this, many companies offer prefabricated structures in different shapes and sizes. All are blank canvases to expand the usable space of your home, but for you to put your stamp on. And, because of their easy construction, they’re often cheaper than an extension renovation.

Most of these outdoor office pods are the size of a regular shed or only a little larger. This makes them space-efficient, and not likely to take away a huge chunk of your yard space.

You don’t have to worry about not finding one that would blend with your home’s exterior either. With so many styles and customisation options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect office shed.

It’s also one of the top uses for a backyard shed that already exists. So long as the structure is sound and it has the right space you need, you could convert one you already have.

It’s a Personal Studio For Your Use Only

When building a backyard studio, most people want the freedom of their own personal space. Where they can go into their studio and everything will be how they want it to be.

No one else will come in and touch your projects or fiddle with your tools. Nothing gets moved to where you can’t find it or damaged and broken. A separate backyard studio is the best way to ensure this space remains your happy place.

Another nice bonus for artists having their own space is they can get as creative as you like. Whatever office design and decor suit your tastes, you can do what you want with your space. You can add whatever features you need to be productive, and whatever decor inspires you.

Your Work and Home Life Remains Separate

Working from home can be a great and freeing experience if you can motivate yourself. But a downside of home working is the fact it can be hard to switch off. How can you, when you work in the same place you live?

One of the biggest benefits of a backyard studio shed is how it allows you to keep your work and home life apart. A studio shed gives you the sense of working in an office, but you benefit still from the lack of a commute.

This is especially good for people who have found the shift to home working trickier. You need to motivate yourself more at home, and the structure an office space provides helps.

It’s a quiet, separate space where you can focus on the job at hand. With everything you need for a productive workday, you can tune out of your surroundings and focus more.

Having more structure to your day will help you get into a productive grove working from home. Being able to close the door to your home office and go back to your main home will also help you shut off. Work stays in your studio shed, and you can relax and enjoy home life at the end of a busy day.

You Get More Space When Your Home is a Little Cramped

Some families or homes don’t have the space for an office or studio inside. It can be costly to expand the size of your home, and time-consuming too. For some homes, it might even be impossible to expand them in a meaningful way.

Building a backyard studio shed will fix this dilemma. It’s more cost-effective and less intrusive than a major home renovation. They’re simple and cheap to erect, solving any issues the lack of space in your home might be causing. Helping you stay positive and productive without the stress of major works or a home move.

Enjoy More Natural Light and Fresh Air While You Work

If you want to maximise the natural light, there are custom options to allow you to do this. From glass fronts to floor to ceiling windows, there are designs to maximise the natural light.

For those warmer summer days, you can even have bi-folding doors for an entire wall to let in all that fresh air. No more stuffy work offices where the windows jam and the AC doesn’t work.

You’ll be able to have the benefits of working out in nature while having all the amenities of an office to hand. You get electricity, Wi-Fi and a great view.

Make Yourself a Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Working Area

There is a growing trend towards sustainable materials and self-sufficient building. With your backyard studio, you can incorporate these elements too, and do your bit for the planet.

Some designs make use of items like renewable energy generators or solar power. For those worried about the environment, these are great green alternatives. An outdoor studio specialist can help you put together a workspace that’ll be as sustainable as you want.

Installing a Backyard Studio: A Smart Choice

So, there you have it! Now you know these benefits of a backyard studio, what are you waiting for?

Backyard studios aren’t only for writers, artists and artisans. They can benefit many people, including those looking to work from home full time. From entrepreneurs to telecommuters to executives, there’s a shed studio for everyone.

If you’re looking to install a backyard studio in your home, contact us today. At Florance Property Solutions, we have the knowledge for all your home studio needs.